We not only provide our customers with the best products and services, but also provide accurate and user-friendly information, and strengthen partnerships for mutual growth and development. 
A Subsidiary company of Daido Steel and Daido DM Steel Solution, we area fully supported by their technologies and long experience. We are constantly developing and innovating tooling solutions, applying our extensive steel knowledge to tools, finished parts, machines and their applications in all industries. Our technical support team will provide recommendations for local steel grades and steel treatments. A material survey as well as a personal phone call or email will provide immediate assistance.

We provide project evaluation error analysis, troubleshooting, and lab services. We have the facilities and expertise to inspect all relevant material properties and provide our clients with reports that are timely relevant to their needs and compliant with international standards. Customized product and application knowledge training can be arranged at your site, at your local sales office or at the steelworks headquarters in Sweden.

Please contact Daido DMS Malaysia and find more about us and our resources. We will glad to help you.


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